VOID — The World’s First Holistic NFT Game

VOID — The World’s First Holistic NFT Game

You are living an ordinary life in the suburbs of New York, running 10 minutes late to your office. Your parents are sipping on the coffee and reading the headlines. Their content faces start to turn shocked, anxious, and a bag full of emotions. You are quite perplexed as your father shows you the headline — “AI Robots have started to capture the entire Earth.”

Time started running so fast, hours before you were happily living your life and now, it all looks like a nightmare. The Robots have entered your state, destroying everything in their paths. You and your parents try to escape and hide in a small place. Turn by turn the place was incarcerated by Robots - buildings destroyed, humans killed, and trees uprooted.

Time passed and the Earth turned into a wasteland, artificial intelligence evolved to the point where there is no longer a need for humans. The humans try to fight with the Robots but couldn’t beat the intelligence they possessed. One snap and humanity is almost extinct!

The Robots were impossible to stop, they used their ever-growing intelligence to shift the axes of the earth and send the planet into an ice age. Only a fraction of human lives were left and they too struggled to live. You were lucky that the Robots chose to occupy the Metropolis — a city where elements are regulated to keep the robot’s operating systems functioning.

The remaining humans find refuge where they can and avoid the robots at all costs. No human can afford to face a robot at any time.



Welcome to VOID — The world’s first holistic NFT Game. We are pretty sure you loved the storyline and would be more than excited to play the game. VOID is a multiplayer online game with a strong focus on personalizing your character, fighting solo, or in small teams on epic open field battlegrounds.

The game brings in a host of opportunities for everyone. Be it a fighter, host, spectator, or cast; you will be immersed in the three fantastic worlds and arenas that are owned by players to host battles. One of the best parts of the game is the blockchain it is built on. Void is powered by Solana, which offers one of the fastest transaction processing speeds alongside near-zero fees. The game also has plenty of characters to try your hands with.

Meet one of our characters, VATES — He is 46% Human & the rest Robot. Vates has a fair share of powers to ace your game with high accuracy, range, and speed. On top of that, the more your character will improve, the more you will earn.

VATES — 46% Human

Play and Earn

Who knew playing can be rewarding too? Void is focused on bringing the best out of the world. Every weapon, armor, arena, or treasure is an individual NFT, tradable on the Public Marketplace. Apart from this, you could choose other ways to earn VOID tokens as well:

  1. Fight to Earn — Beat your opponent in an epic battle and get that new rifle you’ve been longing for!
  2. Quest to Earn — Go on mystic quests, solve tricky riddles and collect huge rewards in form of rare and valuable items!
  3. Stake to Earn — Basically watch your fortune grow while you lean back and let others do the hard work for you.
  4. Build to Earn — More of a constructive than destructive type? Build and sell weapons, armor, and other assets.
  5. Collect to Earn — Roam through endless worlds and discover legendary items while you fight to stay alive.
  6. Host to Earn — Build your own, personal arena and host battles, charging other players to enter your stage.

Beware! Do not enter the colossal arena — any rogue humans that are captured are exterminated here, right in the heart of the Metropolis.

Disclaimer: We have no tokens released yet, be careful of anyone trying to sell you something related to VOID.

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