VOID partners with Anti Fund to foster NFT Gaming experience

3 min readNov 2, 2021

Games have become an integral part of one’s life. They help develop fine-reading skills alongside visual-spatial skills. Gone are those days when gaming was considered a mere waste of time and money. With the advent of the NFT gaming experience, people are focusing on improving the characters that they can trade for real-world assets.

To bring a one-of-a-class NFT gaming experience to life, VOID is proud of its strategic partnership with Anti Fund. We are super excited by the potential of the partnership with two entrepreneurial legends who understand the ambition of VOID and to learn from the experiences of the duo for executing our venture.

VOID has always aimed to bring everyone under the same roof. As a sneak-peek into the game, the player has the liberty to choose from being a spectator, host, cast, or player. The player will have different responsibilities for each role to be fulfilled in the game.

We are enthusiastic to focus on each and every small aspect and learn from all the partnerships that come along. We hope to bring the best out of this partnership to deliver our audience an experience like never before. Anti Fund’s founding members, Jake Paul and Geoffrey Woo loved gaming from childhood. They see Void as building the game they always wanted to play as kids.

As a strategic partner, Anti Fund will advise on the development of our project, help market it, and secure the funding required to bring the game to life. It is a matter of immense pleasure to receive direction from their team which will help us in expanding our knowledge and giving our players the very best experience.

About Anti Fund

Anti Fund is a quickly growing venture capital fund founded by Geoffrey Woo and Jake Paul. The investors include some of the biggest names in tech including Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon of A16z and are designed to discover the hottest new web3 startups and then overlay an abundance of attention through Jake Paul’s deep media empire and social following.

The Anti Fund founders plan on investing $1.5M to $2.5M each quarter on a select few startups that enable consumer-focused e-commerce models and next-gen creator economies.

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About VOID

VOID is making the world’s first NFT holistic multiplayer online game with a strong focus on personalizing your character, fighting solo, or in small teams on epic open field battlegrounds.

Our game has diverse characters to begin your gaming experience. The character’s gears can be customized using NFTs to make them unique from the other players. Void utilizes all of the features of Solana Blockchain which has one of the fastest transaction processing speeds alongside near-zero fees.

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Defragmenting the world of PvPs by uniting players, casts and spectators.