VOID Listing and Contract Address Details

Participate in $VOID listing today:

Date: 22.03.2022

Time: 2 PM UTC

Platform: Raydium

Token Ticker: $VOID

Listing Price: $ 0.10 USD

Liquidity Pair: SOL <> VOID

Official contract address: DjPt6xxMoZx1DyyWUHGs4mwqWWX48Fwf6ZJgqv2F9qwc

Buy $VOID:

Chart: https://dex.raydium.io/#/market/59wEKBnyrgZMhHAtCYaoWrr7rFotakUTPj9QhBu5aVyJ

It’s time to buy $VOID now.

Join the VOID Community for live updates.

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