Void Gaming collaborates with CyberFi — Samurai to bring enhanced NFT Gaming Experience

The gaming market took a steady rise from the early 2000s and has been ever-expanding. Gone are the days when people considered that Gaming will lead to nowhere. The industry has been evolving over time and we now have AI-powered, VR, and even NFT Games emerging out in the space. NFT Games have an interesting concept of play-to-earn that drives revenues while you enjoy the game.

To bring an immersive experience to the audience, VOID is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with CyberFi — Samurai. This will help each individual of our team to learn from the experiences of renowned market players.

Our platform is user-driven where we take care of each & every detail and learn from all the partnerships that come along. We look forward to seeing our in-game characters come to life as players be a part of this battle.

Void gaming has always prioritized bringing everyone under one roof. In the game, you can choose to be a spectator, host, cast, or player. Each part plays a different role. As a player, you will be surrounding yourself in three fantastic worlds or you can join arenas that are owned by different players. On the contrary, you can be a host to fierce battles that are live-commented by real in-game casts.

CyberFi will advise on the development of our project, help market it, and secure the funding required to bring the game to life. We are proud to be among the chosen few who will receive guidance from the team. This will help to expand our knowledge to give our players the very best experience.

Samurai by CyberFi has prominent industry leaders in the gaming and Blockchain space for helping new startups in marketing and community building. We look forward to learning from their experiences in incubating startups and launching a successful project.

About CyberFi

CyberFi is the first Intelligent Trading & Automation Platform (ITAP) designed to fill a gap in the Defi Trading Market. Their ITAP solves some of the most challenging problems when it comes to trade execution on DeFi platforms, AMMs, DEXs, etc.

Samurai is a strategic group of VC Funds, Ventures, and Partners. They bring forth a very special set of partnerships, bringing some of the brightest funds in the space into a collective for the CyberFi & Samurai Ecosystem.

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About VOID

VOID — the world’s first NFT holistic multiplayer online game lays a strong focus on personalizing your character, fighting solo, or in small teams on epic open field battlegrounds.

Void has a range of characters to start your game with. Each character’s gear could be easily customized using NFTs to make it unique from other players. Void utilizes all of the features of Solana Blockchain such as one of the fastest transaction processing speeds alongside near-zero fees.

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Defragmenting the world of PvPs by uniting players, casts and spectators.