VOID announces its strategic partnership with Dutch Crypto Investors

VOID’s strategic partnership with Dutch Crypto Investors

Looking back in time, gaming was restricted to board games that were played by children. Years passed and television games became popular in no time. When blockchain was created, it immediately began to disrupt the market. Blockchain-based games have overtaken the previous virtual gaming sector, causing a wave of frenzy among everyone.

To provide a one-of-a-kind NFT Gaming experience to its community, VOID is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Dutch Crypto Investors. This will help each member of our team to benefit from the experiences of market players.

VOID is excited to focus on every small aspect and learn from every partnership connection that we make. We hope to bring the best out of this partnership to deliver our audience an experience like never before.

VOID gaming has always prioritized bringing everyone under one roof. In the game, you can choose to be a spectator, host, cast, or player. As a player, you will be surrounding yourself with three fantastic worlds or join arenas that are owned by different players. Additionally, you can host fierce battles that are live-commented by real in-game casts.

Dutch Crypto Investors will advise on the development of our project, help market it, and secure the funding required to bring the game to life. We always thrive to lead the marketplace from a pool of blockchain gaming ventures and seek to expand our expertise and abilities to give our gamers the greatest possible experience.

About Dutch Crypto Investors

Dutch Crypto Investors aim to promote, educate and inspire crypto enthusiasts. They identify creative start-up projects in the crypto and blockchain space to support them with capital, private sales, and marketing services.

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About VOID

VOID is making the world’s first NFT holistic multiplayer online game with a strong focus on personalizing your character, fighting solo, or in small teams on epic open field battlegrounds.

In-game, we have a range of characters and customizable gear using NFTs to make it unique for each player. Void is built on the Solana blockchain which offers one of the fastest transaction processing speeds alongside near-zero fees.

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Defragmenting the world of PvPs by uniting players, casts and spectators.