VOID Allies with Magnus capital to Promote Blockchain Gaming

We are thrilled to announce that VOID has formed a strategic partnership with Magnus Capital, a well-known investment firm for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects. VOID welcomes their huge network, support, and valuable advice as we work together to advance the multiplayer online game.

Magnus Capital functions as our investor and advisor to accelerate the development of VOID. The platform has created a unique circle of expertise by gathering influencers, VCs, and ambassadors from all over the crypto space which helps bring VOID to the masses.

About Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital is a one-stop destination for innovative projects in the decentralized finance ecosystem. The firm aims to empower brilliant ideas that have the potential to make an impact in the global digital economy. Having a robust background in traditional finance and significant experience in launching its own tokens and projects, Magnus Capital is the ideal choice for early-stage projects. The firm assists budding projects by offering funding, advisory, incubating, and marketing services.

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About VOID

VOID is a unique NFT holistic multiplayer online game that allows users to earn while providing a deeply engaging gaming experience. VOID is powered by Unreal 5 and built on Solana, one of the fastest-growing blockchain networks known for its speed and negligible fees.

Users can personalize the avatar, engage in PVP battles on open field battlegrounds. VOID involves a wide range of characters and when the character gains new skills and wears a new gadget or armor, it becomes more valuable. Every weapon, armor, or treasure used in the game is tradable NFT on various open marketplaces. The in-game currency, $VOID is also tradable on popular exchanges.

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