The VOID Genesis NFT Giveaway — Whitelist Round

3 min readJan 25, 2022

We are overjoyed to announce that the Raffle/Lucky Draw Contest is a huge success!

The first part of the VOID Genesis NFT giveaway — Raffle Contest has gathered massive responses from community members. It is this joy and enthusiasm that pushes us to work hard to make the VOID Games more exciting and entertaining.

The early community members of VOID have won our hearts by believing in our vision from day one. To reward the members who are being loyal to the VOID and to encourage new members to engage with the community, we are announcing the second part of the VOID Genesis NFT giveaway — The Whitelisted Spot Contest. A total of 4000 Solana addresses will be selected for guaranteed spots and awarded with genesis NFTs.

The Whitelisted Spot Contest is first come first served.

Unlike the previous giveaway contest, the Whitelisted Spot Contest allows users to win guaranteed spots for the giveaway. If you believe in your work instead of depending on luck, this is the best contest for you!

To participate in the Whitelisted Spot Contest, you need to follow all the steps from the Raffle/Lucky Draw Contest plus some additional steps. Keep reading to know the procedure for participating in the Whitelisted Spot Contest.

How to participate in the Whitelisted Spot Contest?

  1. Join the Discord server to participate in the giveaway. The step-by-step instructions are in the channel Welcome to # | genesis-nft-giveaway.
  2. After joining the Discord server, you are required to get verified by clicking on the # | verify-yourself channel.
  3. Next, you need to invite three friends to the VOID Discord Community. Click on the # | how-to-invite guide to know the detailed procedure for PCs and mobiles.
  4. Engage in the channel # | lobby. If you engage in other channels, it will not be considered.

5. The more you interact in the lobby, the more “XP” you will earn and level up. You can find out your rank and level on the ‘rank channel’ by entering the command “/rank”.

6. Once you reach level 10, you will get access to the private channel of VOID.

7. After getting access to the private channel, you need to drop your Solana address on the private channel.

Reached level 10 and got access to the private channel? Congratulations! You are eligible for a guaranteed spot for this NFT giveaway. Your Solana address will be awarded with the exclusive NFTs for sure.

Why do you need to participate in the VOID Genesis NFT Whitelist Giveaway?

  • You can get an exclusive VOID Armour, which is not purchasable in the marketplace
  • Access and discounts to the upcoming NFT releases
  • Early access to game BETA
  • More utilities of participating in the giveaway will be disclosed soon

Make sure that you follow all the steps given above and grab this opportunity to win the exclusive genesis NFTs!

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