The BIG VOID Genesis NFT Giveaway

3 min readJan 21, 2022

Raffle / Lucky Draw Contest

Since the idea of VOID was born, it has been a great journey of developing a holistic multiplayer online game. We are overwhelmed by the community support we’ve received so far. As a way of showing our gratitude, we are launching our first NFT giveaway. So, make the most of this opportunity and win exclusive NFTs!

The BIG VOID Genesis NFT Giveaway consists of 5000 Genesis NFTs as a whole. The first part of the NFT giveaway is the Raffle/Lucky Draw Contest where we will select 1000 addresses randomly and give away exclusive NFTs. The Raffle round starts from 21 Jan and continues until 5 Feb (12 pm UTC).

How to participate in the Raffle/Lucky Draw Contest?

  1. Join the Discord server to participate in the giveaway. The step-by-step instructions are in the channel Welcome to # | genesis-nft-giveaway as shown below.

2. After joining the Discord server, you are required to get verified by clicking on the ‘verify-yourself’ channel. Then, you should click on ‘green tick’ or ‘red circle’. Once you are verified, you will get access to all the channels on the Discord server.

3. Next, you need to invite three friends to the VOID Community Discord. Click on the ‘how-to-invite’ guide to know the detailed procedure for PCs and mobiles.

4. For the last step, just drop your Solana address in the #|solana-address-lottery Channel as shown below.

And that’s it! Your entry for the giveaway is confirmed and 1000 lucky winners will be chosen and awarded with VOID Genesis NFT.

Benefits of VOID Genesis NFT

  • Get an exclusive VOID Armour, which is not purchasable in the marketplace
  • Access and discounts to the upcoming NFT releases
  • Early access to game BETA
  • More utilities to be added soon

Ensure that you follow all the simple steps to participate and be the lucky winner to get exclusive VOID Genesis NFTs!

Want to get the VOID Genesis NFT for sure? We have a Whitelist competition for Genesis NFT where you can definitely win the NFT by engaging in our Discord server.

So hurry up, join our Discord server and start engaging with our community.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on the next contest.

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