Marketplace Guide

Here is all you need to know about using the VOID marketplace.

6 min readOct 3, 2022

1. How to buy my first VOID NFT
2. How to sell my NFT
3. How to cancel an order


1. Access the marketplace: https://marketplace.void

2. Connect your wallet
First, click Connect Wallet, and then, choose your preferred wallet.
Enter your password and you are now connected!

You can check your Solana and USDC balance, which you’ll need to interact with the Marketplace.

3. Choose the category of the item you want to buy.

4. Choose the item you want to buy and click on Trade. This will open a page with more details on the item. You can check the total supply, initial price, transaction, and metadata.

5. Make a BUY offer.

You need to choose:

  • Size - Number of items you want to buy
  • Price - Price you want to pay for each item

If you want to buy 2 KALOSSO for 10 USDC each, your trade should look like this:

Always check the Trade Table.

  • If your offer is equal to or higher than an existing ASK on the Trade Table, then it will be immediately filled. If your order is higher, the difference in prices is returned to you later in the claim process.
  • If your order is smaller than the current ASKs, then your order will still be submitted and fulfilled when another user makes an ASK equal or smaller.

Remember that the final price that you’ll pay has a fee of 0.22% for each item. This will be automatically added and is shown (an approximation) below the buy button.

The final price is the number of items you want to buy multiplied by the price chosen for each one (plus the fee).

Tip: If you have unclaimed USDCs from past tradings, they will be used and discounted in your order.

Click on buy, check the sale details, and accept the transaction in your wallet.

6. Claim your item

If your order was matched it is now time to claim it!
Access My Collection from the Dropdown.

Click on the Claim button, which will open the item page with all the details.

You can see that you have 2 Kalossos pending, as well as 0.016 USDC that is refunded to you from the fee.

Just click on the claim button, approve the transaction and the NFT is now yours!

7. Visualize your item

If you go to My Collection, the item card should now say how many you own and you are now capable of trading them.

You can also see it on your preferred wallet.

To go back to the Marketplace you just have to click on the Marketplace button on the top of the screen.

If you have any problems, please check the FAQ below!


  1. My order was filled, but the NFT is not in my wallet.
    If your order gets accepted, you have to claim the NFT in My Collection to transfer it to your wallet
  2. Why do I have to pay a fee?
    The VOID Marketplace is built on Serum. This platform collects up to 0.22% on every trade.
  3. Why do I always get Transaction failed?
    Check if you have enough Solana in your wallet to pay for the transactions.
  4. When I claimed my NFT, some USDC was also transferred to my wallet. Why?
    To make sure that your order is immediately filled when there is an order with the same price, the Serum fee is automatically added with a small increased amount. The remaining that is not used on the transaction is returned to you.

How to sell my NFT?

  1. Go to the trade screen

You can do this by choosing which item you want to sell in your Collection or on the Marketplace.

2. Choose size and price

Similarly to the Buy process, you have to choose the amount of items you want to sell and the price for each one. Click the SELL button and approve the transaction. You will see a confirmation popup like in the image below.

Keep in mind the Trade Table, if there is a BUY order equal to your selling price, your order will be filled immediately. If not, then it will be pending on the market.

3. Claim USDC

When your order gets filled, you can claim your USDC in the Collection.
Click on the shiny item (if it is still not there, please be patient, as it can take approximately 1 minute to be available):

4. Finally, click on Claim and approve the transaction:


  1. My order got accepted, but I didn’t receive my USDC.
    If your order got accepted, you have to go to My Collection, choose the item, go to the Claim tab and click on the CLAIM button
  2. My Transaction is always failing.
    Make sure you have Solana in your wallet to pay for gas and have enough balance for the Item you want to sell
  3. Can I sell my Genesis NFT?
    Since the Genesis NFT is exclusive and not for sale, it won’t be tradable in the marketplace at the moment.

How can I cancel an order?

  1. Go to My Collection and choose the item with orders pending you want to cancel. It should show as Sale Ordered

Choose the order you want to cancel from the table and click CANCEL

Go to the Claim Tab and claim the Item/USDC you have pending (it may take approximately 30 seconds to appear as claimable, if not, please refresh the page).

Click CLAIM, approve the transaction and the process is complete.




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