Announcing $VOID Listing Update — The Green Listing is here

3 min readMar 19, 2022

Finally, the wait has come to an end! We are extremely glad to share the listing updates and distribution of $VOID tokens with our supportive community.

We at $VOID are on a mission to revolutionize NFT Gaming. We know it’s been a bold and challenging journey for all of us and we couldn’t have done this without the support of our investors and community.

So, we would like to thank all of you who supported us from Day 1 and helped us progress to this point. Without your constant support, this journey wouldn’t have been meaningful and we wouldn’t have come so far. A big thanks for all the trust and support.

The sale of $VOID tokens via 5 IDOs had been crazy and more than we ever expected. We organized our IDOs in December 2021 and the amazing response made us only work harder to build our gaming platform.

Now after months of development, testing and team discussions, we have decided to finally share the much-awaited listing update with our beloved community. Everyone has been waiting for the big day when $VOID gets listed and the time has finally come. If you missed our IDOs, this Listing Update might be your thing as we have a lot in store for you in the upcoming days.

CEX Listing

We talked about the CEX Listing after we were done with our IDOs in December 2021 but unfortunately, we won’t be listing on any CEX due to a dearth of reasons which weren’t taking the project anywhere good.

Initially, we were excited to go for CEX and we were having talks with KuCoin post our IDOs. After initial talks, necessary documentation and lots of to and fro chats, KuCoin confirmed on VOID but the Listing date was not confirmed. We kept waiting for their response and finally we realized, we couldn’t go forward with them as we received no response.

After this unfortunate event, we started considering other exchanges but we soon realized going with CEX isn’t going to work for us. It would have attracted only dumps as it required us to distribute a huge amount of $VOID tokens to their stakers. Therefore, we concluded to go forward with Green Listing.

We know that this delay and turn of events led to a lot of frustration and confusion. We feel your annoyance as investors and our biggest cheerleaders but we finally have good news for you.

The Green Listing

Finally, the big event is here and we are going forward with Green Listing.

Due to the current market situation, we decided to introduce a flexible listing procedure: THE GREEN LISTING! That way we make sure to give the best possible start to our project, which will be good for everyone.

Starting from the 21st of March, we’ll check the market and announce the listing on the SAME DAY if the market is green.

Listing Announcement: Every day from the 21st of March, 9 AM UTC

Listing on Raydium: Possible any day from the 21st of March, 2 PM UTC

An Upcoming Event

Apart from the big update of the listing, we have a lot in store for you in the upcoming days. One of the upcoming events is Grand $VOID Rewards.

Grand $VOID Rewards

We have received immense love from our community. Without our beloved supporters, this project wouldn’t exist. That’s why we want to give something back to the community by rewarding those, holding onto their $VOID after TGE. In order to be eligible for these crazy rewards, you have to hold at least $200 worth of $VOID in the same wallet for 100 days or more.

Isn’t it thrilling? Well, it’s just the teaser. We are constantly working on multiple stuff to make amazing things for you and advance on our mission of revolutionizing NFT Gaming with the support of our beloved partners.

We are extremely grateful to have such a community that trusts VOID so much. We couldn’t have done any of this without you guys. We are excited to see you become a part of the $VOID ecosystem. Also, we have a lot of thrilling updates on the way. Make sure to follow our social channels so that you don’t miss any updates.

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